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more than just a bear

A Bear Named Buttony supports children and young people who have a stoma.

For children, we gift a bear with a stoma, a book and for young adults, a wash bag full of non-medical items to help adjust to life with a stoma.

We aim to raise positive awareness of living with a stoma.


"I've sobbed my heart out reading Buttony's book, it's absolutely amazing... you have created such an amazing real story book."

Robbie + Brother on Trampoline3.jpg

"At a time when we were at our lowest point, and I as an adult was struggling to explain what was going on to myself, let alone my little girl, Buttony came along and was a ray of sunshine. It was something lovely for her at a time when not so lovely things were happening.

Buttony enabled me to explain things in a simplistic way, that up until then I couldn't. It made her feel a little more "normal" and gave her someone who could go on this journey with us - someone just like her. 

To some it's just a teddy bear, but to others it is so much more. Buttony has been an amazing positive influence on our lives and I am delighted to see the charity going from strength to strength and helping so many families"

Parent of a Buttony Bear recipient

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