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Could you help us to raise funds so we can continue to support children living with a stoma?

As a self-funding charity, registered in Scotland, 'A Bear Named Buttony' continues to rely on your kindness and generosity so we can help children living with a stoma.

Through your donations and fundraising we can continue to support others through the donation of items such as a bear, a book, a young adult pack or one of our inclusive colouring books.

What can I do to fundraise?

There are lots of fun ways to raise funds for A Bear Named Buttony. If you're not a runner or a walker and you don't like the idea of sitting in a bath of baked beans, perhaps you could raise funds through washing cars, skipping, dancing, spelling, hula hooping or selling toys you no longer want. If something a bit more exciting gets you going, maybe you always wanted to skydive but never found the right reason to do it - in fact the list is endless.  

What support is available to me?

  • Just Giving online page: You can create and collect donations through our Just Giving page. This allows your donors to pay their sponsorship upfront (with gift aid, where eligible) without the worry of you having to collect it afterwards and send it to us. You can focus on doing your 'thing' to raise money for Buttony while your donors go online and support your fundraiser.

  • Text Donations: We can set up a bespoke code enabling your donors to make a text donation through their mobile phone - the donated amount is added to their mobile phone bill. Text donations attract a small fee, payable out of your donations (before we receive them), and are a convenient and easy way for people to donate. To contact us to set up a code, please use the 'contact us' page.

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