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Donna Bain


Hi, my name is Donna, I’m a trustee and volunteer for Buttony. I live in Aberdeenshire with my husband Andy and two children, Findlay & Cameron. I started by cutting material for the pouch covers and now send out material to most of our super volunteer sewers and I became a trustee two years ago. 

I’ve been a family friend for longer than I can remember then my son was born nearly 16 years ago and needed a temporary colostomy among other things. It was great having Jenny to talk to about it, another parent who understood what I was going through and would of loved if Buttony Bear was around back then. 

When A Bear Named Buttony started I jumped at the chance to help out especially when I knew the benefits of what a Bear could do to help support, educate and reassure children with similar conditions. 

It’s amazing to see the charity grow to offer other items to help all ages of children and young adults overcome some difficult times in their lives and hopefully make it just a little bit easier.
I love being a part of the whole Buttony family and the best part for me is seeing the photos of children with their bears and books and hearing how all the items Buttony gives out benefits the young people that receive them. 

The generosity of the Buttony community is amazing and I’m in awe of how many give back after receiving a bear, book or pack which is a real testament of what Buttony does for families.

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