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Jenny Gow MBE

Treasurer and Founding Trustee

To be able to support families like our own is a real privilege.  My passion for the cause is down to my daughter’s experience and the many bowel surgeries she has had. I have been described as relentlessly positive, not sure when it was said  or if it was meant to be a compliment but I think it does sum me up nicely.  I’m definitely a cup half full person and through A Bear Named Buttony I can focus on something positive when times are difficult.  The families we support go through similar struggles and Buttony becomes part of their stories too.  A Bear Named Buttony is a hugely important part of my life.

I was a trustee of a local children’s charity prior to starting Buttony and this gave me the confidence to run with the idea.  Along with some brilliant friends I launched A Bear Named Buttony in 2015 and from there it has just grown.  Every day is a Buttony day in our house.  It is very much a family thing with everyone involved in some way.

Through Buttony we have seen the best of community with our whole village and many further afield supporting our efforts from day one. So many people give their time to the cause and when we talk at events it is so encouraging to hear folk be confident enough to talk about their own bowel issues.  Buttony is something I am very proud of.

When I’m not busy with Buttony or talking about bowels I’m with my lovely girls, Eilidh & Louise, husband Steve and Scout our spoilt dog.  I work in the office of our local secondary school and also at a local hotel.

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